Branding UpPrize: The BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge

Roket was selected by The Forbes Funds to deliver the BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge to market. We jumped at the opportunity to put our firm’s entrepreneurial experience and brand skills to work to advance purpose-driven innovation in the Pittsburgh region.

UpPrize applies a new approach to community problem solving by supporting entrepreneurs whose technology had the potential to solve social challenges for the region’s nonprofits. Roket’s branding and Web development efforts included brand strategy and positioning, naming, brand identity design, website design, and front-end Web development for the Pittsburgh-based competition.

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How to Find, Capture, and Utilize Inspiration for Brand Creation

Quick & Collaborative

Starting on a new brand is exciting. The visual possibilities are endless, and the outcome is unknown. Because of this, it can also be overwhelming. To help you and your team move quickly toward the most appropriate solution, you’ll want a process for finding, capturing, and utilizing inspiration. Inspiration comes in the form of any visual artifact. It helps spark ideas, generate themes, and build consensus in a group.

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