Good design and the smart technology accelerates business growth.

Roket is almost two years old. During this time, we have been fortunate to collaborate with more than 50 clients. They include small startups, growing brands, and a billion-dollar corporation or two.

Sometimes clients come to the realization of what they need in a partner through previous positive experiences. More often, they have learned the hard way. There are myriad horror stories of stubborn, know-it-all designers and developers who disregard client needs in favor of their own egos.

Roket was created to be different

Our process is client inclusive, with custom tools and methods created to help our teams rally around purpose, avoid misunderstandings, and quickly solve the problem at hand. We are a small group of design-minded developers and developer-minded designers creating intuitive apps, purpose-built websites, and brand experiences for startups and growing brands. We are entrepreneurial and efficient doers equipped to deliver the components a business needs to succeed. We are able to mix practical visual design and smart development to formulate solutions for our client’s biggest challenges.

We are experts in the craft of design and development—yet that is not what defines us. To Roket, the increase in sales, scores of raving customer reviews, the conquering of an unforgiving deadline—that is success.

What’s your challenge?

Clients bring challenges to our door. Some are external: product design and usability, brand differentiation, or website and application development. Some are internal: team disagreements, missed timelines, workflow improvements, or achieving investor milestones. Whatever it might be, Roket is ready.

We use our client-inclusive process to work with you to identify and eradicate your concerns. Whatever challenges you are facing, even if you are not able to completely define them as of yet, we can dig in and help. Please call us at (412)444-4616 or e-mail us at hello [at]

Our recent partnerships


For the past year, Roket has led user-experience, design, and development work for the launch of the 360fly—a 360-degree action camera. We have worked collaboratively with 360fly’s marketing, product, engineering, and management teams to define and design iOS, Android, and desktop applications to accompany their revolutionary hardware. Read the case study.



The Forbes Funds selected Roket to bring the BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge to market. The challenge applies a new approach to community problem solving by supporting entrepreneurs whose technology has the potential to solve social challenges. Our team’s contributions included the name of the challenge, brand identity development, web design, and front-end development for the competition and its website. Please click on the link to view our case study: Branding UpPrize: The BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge.



Roket was selected to bring Learn Your Land to life. We created the brand identity, visual design, product development, and product deployment to the initial market of Pennsylvania. Learn Your Land is an online resource to help enthusiasts connect with Pennsylvanian naturalists by way of local naturalist events.



STEM Lunar Challenge
The Roket team designed and built a multi-city crowdfunding platform and brand to support STEM education. STEM Lunar Challenge is a scalable platform with multiple integrations to handle sales, order fulfillment, and payment processing. Read the case study.


Roket has proven over the past three years that we excel at creating intuitive apps, purpose-built websites, and user experiences for growing businesses. We are ready to take on your challenge.

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