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The Ultimate Workflow Guide for Teams Building WordPress Sites with ACF, Timber, Foundation, and Local Machines with Remote Servers Through Vagrant and Git.

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The Pursuit As Partner and Technical Lead, I encourage my employees to always be learning with an eye on improving the quality and efficiency of what we deliver to our clients. As an agency, it can be difficult to lock down a workflow. Each project can be vastly different. Yet, we still need to align…

5 Key Elements of Pitching a Memorable Startup Story

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The most effective presentations tell a story. Stories are engaging. They pull you in. They force you to follow along. Good stories give you the power to inspire, captivate, and inform your audience. They connect you with your audience and with luck leave a lasting impression.

One Year as an Entrepreneur

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Seeking Challenges It’s amazing how much can happen in a year. I am an interaction designer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve carried several titles this past year—Senior Designer at Eaton, Cofounder and CEO of Spacefinity, and currently, Cofounder and Technology Lead at Roket.