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Our clients know good design and the smart technology accelerates business growth.

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Roket is almost two years old. During this time, we have been fortunate to collaborate with more than 50 clients. They include small startups, growing brands, and a billion-dollar corporation or two.

Branding UpPrize: The BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge

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Roket was selected by The Forbes Funds to deliver the BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge to market. We jumped at the opportunity to put our firm’s entrepreneurial experience and brand skills to work to advance purpose-driven innovation in the Pittsburgh region. UpPrize applies a new approach to community problem solving by supporting entrepreneurs whose technology had…

15+ Tools We Use to Help Startups Acquire Their First Paying Customers

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For young startups, acquiring customers is a serious challenge. There are a lot of moving parts involved; it’s not just “business as usual.” Like most entrepreneurs, you’re looking for product-market-fit, early adopters, and your first customers. These early adopters and first customers can provide the crucial feedback needed to get you to the next step in your product development…

5 Key Elements of Pitching a Memorable Startup Story

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The most effective presentations tell a story. Stories are engaging. They pull you in. They force you to follow along. Good stories give you the power to inspire, captivate, and inform your audience. They connect you with your audience and with luck leave a lasting impression.

One Year as an Entrepreneur

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Seeking Challenges It’s amazing how much can happen in a year. I am an interaction designer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve carried several titles this past year—Senior Designer at Eaton, Cofounder and CEO of Spacefinity, and currently, Cofounder and Technology Lead at Roket.