Branded and Developed a Web Magazine Platform UI/UX

Web Magazine Development

Our Pittsburgh branding agency developed a compelling lifestyle brand and web magazine platform to drive the consumption of original content and establish loyal readership for HopCulture's beer-centered web magazine.

Branding & Web Development

  • Brand & Identity Design
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Front-End Development
  • Application Development

Brand & Identity Design

As a Pittsburgh branding agency, Roket began with our Mission Planning process. We researched and documented the needs and interests of our audience. We primed ourselves on the brands, positioning, and style of competitor publications, craft beer brands, and similar brands. We pulled together 3 distinct mood boards for our team and client to consider. These were visual jumping off points for the Hop Culture branding. They acted as great conversation starters and gave concrete examples of style, typography, texture, pattern, and mood.

Company Logo Design

Brand Moodboards

  • Branding Examples Handmade
    Handmade Industry
  • Branding Examples Bold
    Black & Bold
  • Branding Examples Handmade
    Naturally Modern

With the client’s input on their preferred mood board, we began to sketch dozens of concepts for the brand identity.

Lifestyle Branding Option 1 Lifestyle Branding Web Option 2 Website Design Option 3

The final branding mark arose from wanting a symbolic representation of hops. The iconic shape of the hop flower was dissected, creating a unique form. The icon hints at the idea of a “mountain top” or “crown,” but most importantly, it created a memorable mark and properly represented the brand.

Marketing Communications Design
Branding Items with Logo

Web UX/UI Design

Our mission for the platform was to design, develop, and deploy a web magazine. To do this, we used a custom built WordPress template and a custom easy-to-use administrative interface for article publishing.

With repositionable UI content blocks, each post is configurable by the creator, giving an immense amount of control over the location for each piece using our custom WYSIWYG interface.

Website Platform Development
Wordpress Web Design Callouts
Responsive Web Design
Responsive Wordpress
  • A Header Image Gallery

    Article headers can contain a single image or an image gallery.

  • B Category Icon

    Dynamically populated icons layer on top of the header image depending on the chosen category.

  • C Social Sharing

    Links to Facebook, Twitter, and email makes sharing easy.

  • D Category Links

    Link to other articles in the same category.

  • E Featured Article

    Callout a related article.

  • F Highlight

    Emphasize content.

  • G In-line Image Gallery

    Placed directly in articles to keep users engaged.

  • H Pull Quotes

    Center, left, or right align quotes.

Responsive CMS Layout
Responsive Wordpress Website
  • I Sidebar with Image

    Include images and links to promote products or articles.

  • J Map

    Embed Google Maps.

  • K Sidebar

    Aligns to either side of the article.

  • L Full-Width Sidebar

    Stretches to full width to accommodate larger photos.

  • M Related Articles

    Keep readers on the site.

  • N Social Media Bar

    Includes newsletter sign up and links to Twitter and Instagram.

The HopCulture website and brand launched in 2016 in Pittsburgh.

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