Positioned a Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Advisory Firm for Growth

Roket has worked with mfi Realty for over four years. During this partnership, we’ve delivered customer-centric business tools along with branding and marketing components. This work has helped the firm establish market dominance in the Mid-Atlantic region as experienced commercial real estate advisors.

Brand & Development Services

  • Brand & Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Wordpress Development

“Roket’s team is comprised of creative, talented, high-level thinkers, who care about their clients and it really shows. Each deadline was met timely, always keeping us informed throughout the process. We would recommend Roket to anyone looking to better their websites, SEO, marketing etc. We look forward to continuing our relationship and working with them again in the future.”

Shelby Dorich Marketing Director of mfi Realty

Brand & Identity Design

Our branding process for mfi started with Mission Planning. We researched and documented the client’s market, competition, and their audience. We created a simple, modern logo and visual brand to complete with regional heavy-weights and prepare mfi for further growth. We considered a handful of other logo options as seen below. The final logo was chosen for its bold, memorable form and application adaptability.

mfi Brand Specification Book


  • Elegant & Refined
  • Bright & Clean
  • Sleek & Modern

Custom Real Estate Search Website

To define brand visuals and establish the user interface design for the website, we pulled together 3 distinct visual directions for our client to consider in the form of mood boards (seen above). We used the chosen board as inspiration and guidance when developing the look and feel of the brand online.

The website’s core feature is its custom-built property search function. Users can search for mfi properties by keyword, state, county, or square footage. Results appear as “cards,” and on the interactive map providing a glanceable view of the property details. Whether its on a phone, tablet or desktop, the website is full-featured and responsive.

Client Portal

Roket also designed and built a client-only application for mfi that allows for private sharing of documents. Clients can easily upload, download and search for necessary files.

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