Designing Better Web, App, & Brand Experiences

Our talented designers and developers create game-changing websites, apps, and brands that deliver on our mission of designing experiences people love.

  • People Focused

    We solve business problems from the users’ perspective. Our empathy challenges assumptions, validates our decisions, and delivers more meaningful web, app, and brand experiences.

  • Design Led

    Good design creates a competitive advantage. Lean on Roket’s expertise to solve business challenges, delight users, and fuel business growth with beautifully designed experiences.

  • Data Driven

    Our cycle of “Create, Measure, Learn” uses business metrics, analytics, and user feedback to validate our work and ensure we deliver game-changing value to our clients.

  • Collaborative

    Working alongside our clients allows us to better solve the problems at hand. Roket’s custom tools and methods rally teams around purpose, ensure clarity, and ultimately deliver superior results, regardless of whether our client is across the table in Pittsburgh or across the country.

  • Entrepreneurial

    We’re a different breed of design agency. At Roket, every Crewmate has startup experience. We’ve worked as founders, consultants, or team members in hundreds of startups at every stage of growth in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, San Jose, Austin, and beyond.

  • Inquisitive

    As designers, developers, and entrepreneurs—we are constantly learning. Our inquisitive nature guarantees we uncover the right solutions to the challenges at hand through tireless iteration, feedback, and testing.

Our Inclusive Design & Development Process

The more we understand your business, customers, and goals, the more value we deliver. In this spirit, we’ve developed a design and development process that is client inclusive. It features tools that help our teams extract meaningful data, clearly map a path to success, and quickly create solutions for the challenges you face.

  1. 01

    Mission Plan

    Together with our clients, we create a plan that removes assumptions from the process and sets us up for mutual success. We include KPIs, stakeholder input, competition research, and other crucial influencers. We pull together what is known and research the unknown. And in the end, the information we reveal guides the strategy and tactics we need to accomplish the mission ahead.

  2. 02

    Mission Design

    Our design process untangles the big, hairy messes that prevent an effortless user experience. First, we map out the architecture and necessary user flows. Next, we begin low-fidelity sketches and wireframes of how content is presented and how interactions function. We then move into high-fidelity visuals. We are meticulous in our craft. Each pixel and every interaction matters.

  3. 03

    Mission Build

    It’s now time to bring our work to life in code. We use an agile development process to ensure efficient delivery and continuous improvement of code. We begin with a front-end, open-source framework such as Foundation or Bootstrap. We then handcraft every feature, interaction, and animation. Finally, we ensure the website is responsive on device types and at every resolution.

  4. 04

    Mission Launch

    Here’s where our planning pays off. Here’s where we push our code live, walk you through the platform, and hand off any assets or documentation. We often continue our partnership after a project is live. We can continue to deliver value by applying our iterative cycle of “Create, Measure, Learn.” We will run tests, follow analytics, and gather user feedback to continue to improve the effectiveness and performance of our work.