Launched an End-to-End Smart Home IoT Consumer Experience

For over a year, Roket worked side-by-side with the founders at TrackNet to design, develop, and launch the end-to-end customer experience for their all-in-one, family-focused smart home monitoring and tracking solution, Tabs. It consisted of a suite of cutting-edge IoT smart home and security devices managed via integrated iOS and Android applications. From brand naming to product strategy to mobile development to eCommerce to setup, Roket focused on creating a consistent and enjoyable customer experience. Tabs launched successfully launch at CES.

Launch Support Services

  • Naming, Brand & Identity Design
  • Product Strategy & Definition
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Mobile App Development
  • Shopify eCommerce
  • Package Design
  • Marketing Communications

“We were extremely happy with Roket's performance and the final product. Their dedication and talent were exceptional.”

Hardy Schmidbauer CEO of Tracknet and Founder of Tabs

Product Naming, Branding, and Identity Design

Roket’s brand naming and identity design process began with Mission Planning. We researched and documented the needs and interests of our target audience with detailed customer personas. We identified direct competitors in smart home, IoT, and location tracking space and leaders in the broader consumer electronics category. We primed ourselves on the brands, their positioning, and their offerings which helped to reveal the white space where we would position Tabs. From this foundation, we able to create and deliver the brand name, brand identity, and marketing messaging to launch Tabs.

Tabs Brand Specifications Book

iOS & Android App Design

At the center of the Tabs IoT solution is the iOS and Android mobile app experiences. The apps paired with the Tabs' smart home and locator devices to provide parents complete visibility into the activities and location of their children—as well as the security and health of their home.

We worked with TrackNet's internal team to integrate the needs of the physical IoT devices with the customer's app user experience. The key user experiences we created for app included user on-boarding, device setup, alerts management, device setup and management, and the presentation of device data.

Tabs Mobile App User Experience

Product Marketing Website

As the main sales and marketing channel, was designed and developed to help the discovery, evaluation, and purchasing experiences frictionless for customers.

Shopify eCommerce Website

The straightforward language, illustrated use cases, helpful technology diagrams, beautiful product images, and simple eCommerce experience contributes to an engaging customer experience (CX) on

At every step of the way, Roket was focused on telling the right story and ensuring a frictionless experience for our customers—from discovery, to purchase, to setup, to everyday use.

Technology Marketing Brochure

The Unboxing Experience

With focus on a seamless brand experience, our team was also responsible for the design and execution of the packaging for Tabs' entire suite of smart home products. This included the housing and the accompanying user guides that lead customers through the setup and troubleshooting process for all 10 consumer electronic devices.

Tabs User Manuals

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