Envisioned and Developed a Web App for Mental Health Literacy

AskMeHearMe is a web application intended to educate, engage, and connect young people, particularly those in underserved black communities, with mental health and wellness information and services by addressing mental health literacy. The web app measures its impact while creating positive feedback loops between patients and their providers or schools.

App Design & Development

  • Brand & Identity Design
  • Product Strategy & Definition
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Custom App Development

“They were accommodating, as well as helpful, and their communication remained faultless throughout the process. They’ve created an app that truly resonates with its audience.“

Lovie J. Jackson Foster Founder of AskMeHearMe

Brand & Identity Design

AskMeHearMe's brand identity evolved out of the stylistic choices that we made for the design of the application. The app's logo mark itself was not as important as how the rest of the visual brand manifested throughout the platform. With that in mind, we set the logo aside until we fully understood the needs and preferences of the platform's users.

AskMeHearMe Brand Specifications Document

Roket solves problems from the users’ perspective. Our empathy challenges assumptions, validates our decisions, and delivers more meaningful experiences.

Project Strategy & Definition

As with much of healthcare, mental health is a complex. This required us to identify the who, what, and why of the challenge at hand in order to truly deliver value with the platform. Our Mission Planning process was integral to the success of this phase.

Information Architecture

The application has 13 mental health surveys, multiple progress reports, and scheduled check ins throughout a 16 week lifecycle. We mapped out each workflow to create an efficient experience that collects a large amount of data from the participants without hindering participation.

User Testing

As the app was being defined, we had several live sessions with our target users (13-24 year olds). We gathered direct feedback on the platform and addressed any areas that was found to be less effective.

Program Feedback Loop

Roket's goal was to create a healthcare app design with a supportive feedback loop to encourage discussions between the participants and their providers. The app consists of 3 primary components: surveys, education modules, and dashboards.

Surveys serve to gauge a participant’s level of mental health awareness. They are completed multiple times throughout a user’s lifecycle in order to gauge the platform’s effectiveness. Education modules are used to extend a user’s awareness of mental health by defining the clinical signs and dispelling misconceptions. The patient report and doctor dashboard document the results of the surveys and track a user’s improvement over time.

App Design & Development

Bright colors. Relatable imagery. Engaging interactions.
We created a youthful app design and an engaging platform with the intention of reducing the stigmas commonly associated with mental health.

Education Cards

Doctor Dashboard

This is the hub of patient information within the application. It empowers healthcare providers with quick access to patient summaries, survey results, reports, and recommendations for consultation.

Reports are crucial and inform doctors which of their patients have screened positive for a specific disorder and the severity of that disorder. They are also presented with an advice sheet that gives specific recommendations, based on severity, with the goal of better informing the physician prior to treatment.

Education Module Design & Development

To extend learning, we created 6 web-based modules for participants to review on their own time. Filled with interactive components, videos, and swipeable flashcards, we strived to make the learning process enjoyable.

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The AskMeHearMe platform is currently deployed in several local Pittsburgh high schools and health clinics. Contact Roket today to build a similar application or visit AskMeHearMe.com to learn more about the platform.

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