Pittsburgh Web Design Day 2015

I look forward to Pittsburgh’s yearly Web Design Day (@webdesignday). It’s our area’s most popular and longest running event in the web community. It gives local professionals and students an awesome opportunity to hear from some of the best and brightest from around the county, and sometimes, around the world.


Previous WDD presenters included: Brad Frost (@brad_frost), Aaron Draplin (@Draplin), Rob Wierzbowski (@robwierzbowski), Josh Clark (@bigmediumjosh), Ethan Marcotte (@beep), Dan Mall (@danielmall), Kevin M. Hoffman (@kevinmhoffman) and many more. They’ve covered user experience design processes, web development best practices, and designer and developer productivity tips. These talks keep the us up-to-date with web development standards and advancements. But, more importantly, they keep us engaged in Pittsburgh’s web community.


2015’s event didn’t disappoint. It was just as informative and inspiring as any year past. Topics included: how writing improves a designer’s work and process (@redsesame), why conflict makes for great user experiences (@hellofisher), and a detailed talk about building more accessible forms (@AaronGustafson). My favorite was from Denise R. Jacobs (@denisejacobs). She spoke about banishing your inner critic; why we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves as designers and developers. I know a lot of designers and developers who experience this feeling of limitation. There’s always more for us to learn. And our field is always changing. It makes it hard for us to be the confident.


I started going to Web Design Day years ago as a student. It was inspiring. I had never been around so many people with my shared interest and passion in web design and development. I remember leaving the event, feeling even more confident than ever of my decision to pursue a career in web development. Years later, that feeling is still very much alive and kept alive by events like Web Design Day.