Wanted: Talented User Interface Designer

Roket is seeking a talented User Interface Designer to be a part of our growing Pittsburgh team. 

Roket™ (roketco.com) is an entrepreneurial-minded product design firm based in Pittsburgh. We partner with startups and growing businesses to design experiences people love. Our expertise includes Branding, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, and Web Design and Development.

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Mission Planning: Roket’s Battle-Tested Design & Development Process

Would you pilot a rocket bound for the moon without any training?

Of course you wouldn’t. An astronaut spends years preparing his or her body and mind to take on that challenge. And although design and development are not quite as scary as being shot into space, they too can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared.

For us, the process of preparing for a project is as important as the project itself, since one can’t exist without the other. The Roket process is client-inclusive and features tools to assist teams in extracting and documenting meaningful data, clearly mapping the path to success, and delivering solutions that solve real business challenges. From comprehensive Purpose-Built Websites to Intuitive UI/UX Design solutions for the seed-stage startup or the billion-dollar corporation, it’s the best way to ensure project success and client satisfaction.

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Two Stellar Years

We launched Roket two years ago today. During this time, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the “go-to” team for Purpose-Built Websites and Intuitive Apps.

Recently launched projects include: 360fly’s app and web ecosystem, the UpPrize Social Innovation Challenge and Thread’s new online presence.

With another amazing year under our space belts, we’d like to stop and say thank you to our partners and friends for their continued support. Here’s to an exciting third year!

What’s your challenge? Let’s talk.

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The Ultimate Workflow Guide for Teams Building WordPress Sites with ACF, Timber, Foundation, and Local Machines with Remote Servers Through Vagrant and Git.

The Pursuit

As Partner and Technical Lead, I encourage my employees to always be learning with an eye on improving the quality and efficiency of what we deliver to our clients. As an agency, it can be difficult to lock down a workflow. Each project can be vastly different. Yet, we still need to align our workflows and development environments as much as possible to ensure productivity is at its peak. sd

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Branding UpPrize: The BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge

Roket was selected by The Forbes Funds to deliver the BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge to market. We jumped at the opportunity to put our firm’s entrepreneurial experience and brand skills to work to advance purpose-driven innovation in the Pittsburgh region.

UpPrize applies a new approach to community problem solving by supporting entrepreneurs whose technology had the potential to solve social challenges for the region’s nonprofits. Roket’s branding and Web development efforts included brand strategy and positioning, naming, brand identity design, website design, and front-end Web development for the Pittsburgh-based competition.

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Pittsburgh Web Design Day 2015

I look forward to Pittsburgh’s yearly Web Design Day (@webdesignday). It’s our area’s most popular and longest running event in the web community. It gives local professionals and students an awesome opportunity to hear from some of the best and brightest from around the county, and sometimes, around the world.

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One Stellar Year

We launched Roket one year ago today.

Our previous experiences as part of in-house marketing and product teams, large and small agencies, and scrappy startups shaped our mission. We saw that working with an agency, for most businesses, was a major pain. With their inflated costs, unnecessary bureaucracy, lack of speed and efficiency, and mediocre results—most agencies don’t deliver.

Roket was created to fix all of those issues and finally make working with an agency exciting, reassuring, and driven by business results.

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15+ Tools We Use to Help Startups Acquire Their First Paying Customers

For young startups, acquiring customers is a serious challenge. There are a lot of moving parts involved; it’s not just “business as usual.”

Like most entrepreneurs, you’re looking for product-market-fit, early adopters, and your first customers. These early adopters and first customers can provide the crucial feedback needed to get you to the next step in your product development and marketing outreach.

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How to Find, Capture, and Utilize Inspiration for Brand Creation

Quick & Collaborative

Starting on a new brand is exciting. The visual possibilities are endless, and the outcome is unknown. Because of this, it can also be overwhelming. To help you and your team move quickly toward the most appropriate solution, you’ll want a process for finding, capturing, and utilizing inspiration. Inspiration comes in the form of any visual artifact. It helps spark ideas, generate themes, and build consensus in a group.

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