Branding UpPrize: The BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge

Roket was selected by The Forbes Funds to deliver the BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge to market. We jumped at the opportunity to put our firm’s entrepreneurial experience and brand skills to work to advance purpose-driven innovation in the Pittsburgh region.

UpPrize applies a new approach to community problem solving by supporting entrepreneurs whose technology had the potential to solve social challenges for the region’s nonprofits. Roket’s branding and Web development efforts included brand strategy and positioning, naming, brand identity design, website design, and front-end Web development for the Pittsburgh-based competition.

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Launched: STEM Lunar Challenge

Roket Designed and Developed a Multi-City Crowd-Funding Platform for STEM Education

The Beginning

A startup veteran and space enthusiast, Richard Behana, approached Roket with his concept for a multi-city crowd-funding competition to benefit STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Each city competes to raise the most money. The top city will be granted the opportunity to build a payload concept to accompany the next moon bound SpaceX rocket with Astrobotic, a Pittsburgh-based space robotics company.

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